About Us

Our mission is to provide educational advancement, leadership development, and research opportunities to advance the safety, health, and environmental profession.

We have grown significantly in the past 25 years. Our Academic Scholarship and Grant Program offers more than 100 awards, annually disbursing more than a $250,000. Our Research Program has awarded close to $500,000 in research fellowship and proposal grants, and will award $300,000, its largest grant to date, in June 2015. And more than 1,000 students have attended the Future Safety Leaders Conference, preparing them to transition from safety student to safety professional. As the size and scope of our programs grows, we look forward to advancing the future of safety by investing in tomorrow, today.


Education: the Foundation has awarded hundreds of scholarships and grants to students and professionals, contributing to our vision of a well-credentialed and highly educated workforce of professionals. Other programs include the Family Scholarship Fund, which offers educational financial assistance to families who have lost a loved one in a workplace incident, and ABET accreditation support program.

Leadership Development: the generation of young men and women that is just beginning their career in SH&E will become the leaders of today. Supporting these young professionals on their path through the Future Safety Leaders Conference and the Next Generation Board is a large focus of the Foundation's efforts.

Research: a thought leader in the profession, the Foundation supports quality, ground-breaking research. We focus on risk-assessment, sustainability, and global governance, shoring up the profession for long-term growth and impact. Programs include the Liberty Mutual Research Fellowship, the Foundation Research Grant Program, and the RAND Institute collaboration.

Tax Information

The American Society of Safety Engineers Foundation (ASSEF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Tax I.D. No. 36-6145045.

The Foundation's Board of Trustees stems from multiple industries including insurance, manufacturing, and higher education. With a vast array of expertise and years of experience at its disposal, the Board envisions and follows through with plans that affect every aspect of safety.

Michael F. Murray

Darryl C. Hill, Ph.D., CSP
Vice President
Johnson Controls Inc.

Bradley C. Barber, CSP
Corporate Vice President
Parsons Corporation

Brian E. Breider, CSP, ARM
Occupational Safety
Mayo Clinic Systems Quality Office

Jan Simon Clark, CSP, CIH
Risk Team Lead
Chevron Pipe Line Company

David T. Crowley, CSP, CHMM
Senior EHS Director

Joel M. Haight, Ph.D., P.E., CSP, CIH
Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering
University of Pittsburgh

James "Skipper" Kendrick, CSP
Kendrick Global Enterprises LLC

James A. Merendino, CSP
VP and General Manager
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Alexi Carli, CSP
Vice President, Global Health & Safety
United Parcel Service

Fred J. Fortman, LL.M., CAE
Executive Director/Corporate Secretary
American Society of Safety Engineers

Mary C. Goranson
American Society of Safety Engineers

Brenda Kay Zylstra
American Society of Safety Engineers

Matthew Sells
American Society of Safety Engineers

With a core base of 36,000+ ASSE members, the Foundation is already partnered with a great number of individuals who work to advance safety for workers. A significant portion of ASSE's membership contributes to the Foundation's mission each year. Additionally, we are partnered with several large, high-profile, and incredibly generous companies that allow us to take huge steps toward our goals. The ASSE is also a highly influential and respected professional organization that has ties in government and countries around the world.

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