Amanda R. Landers, CSP

Corporate Safety Leader

Stepan Company

As a student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell's Department of Work Environment during 2011 and 2012, I was honored to be a recipient of the Leadership Award from the ASSE Greater Boston Chapter. I have been working in the safety and environmental health field in the manufacturing industry for five years. I received my CSP certification last year, and I will be taking the CIH exam this year. Thank you supporting students during their academic careers and for the guidance and outreach services you provide to help young professionals achieve their goals.

Jacqueline Beatty

EHS Coordinator

Suffolk County Water Authority

Being the recipient of the 2016 Thomas & Dorothy Reilly Professional Education Grant was a great honor. The assistance resulted in the encouragement to complete my master's degree within a year and half; which has helped me further develop as a professional in the field. I look forward to my future career goals and hope to give back what I have been so grateful to receive!

Darren Alexander

EHS Safety Engineer V

Lennox International

"I was very honored to receive the Liberty Mutual Scholarship and attend Safety 2004 in Las Vegas. The impact of ASSE and the Foundation on my life is tremendous and I strive every day to find a way to give back and make a difference."

Jayson Clinger

Master of Science, Industrial Hygiene

University of Iowa

The scholarships I received from Applications International Corporation, Liberty Mutual and UPS had a significant impact on my career. I was given the opportunity to attend professional conferences and make beneficial connections with industry leaders. I have been able to pursue a Master's degree. I am thankful for ASSE and all the donors that have helped me and others to reach our goals. I look forward to giving back and being an active professional member in the years to come.

Bryan Williams

EHS Manager

Anchor Glass

The Terrance M. Hennessey Professional Development Grant allowed me to attend the CSP preparatory course in 2010. Obtaining the CSP credential has allowed me to excel in the EHS field and obtain positions that otherwise would not have been attainable. I can't thank the ASSE Foundation enough for helping me to reach my professional goals.

Julianna Jankowski

Safety, Health and Environmental Applied Science

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2017

I am thankful to have been granted the ASSE Past Presidents and Fellows Scholarship in March 2016. The $7,500 I received was put directly towards my current school debt to alleviate the financial burden I will experience post-graduation. In addition, attending the 2015 Future Leaders Conference gave me the opportunity to network with current EHS Professionals to learn more about the profession and what to expect upon entering the workforce. I will be forever grateful for the help the ASSE Foundation has provided me throughout the years and look forward to becoming a professional member of ASSE.

Justin Bielss

Aviation Safety Officer

Texas Army National Guard

I was truly honored and grateful to receive the 2015 Applications International Impact Scholarship award. The scholarship not only afforded me the opportunity to finish my degree and apply my knowledge to my career, but it also provided me with a great opportunity to begin giving back by participating on the Foundation's Next Generation Board. The Foundation's impact on my life is remarkable and I look forward to continuing to find ways to give back and advance our great profession.

Adam Halla, CSP

Deepwater Wells HSE Supervisor

HSE Systems

The generosity of the ASSE Foundation helped alleviate some of the financial stressors associated with returning to school, allowing me to focus on obtaining my degree. I received a BCSP Scholarship in 2010 while completing my graduate degree from Eastern Kentucky University in Safety Security and Emergency Management. I feel the graduate work has helped me grow professionally, and has allowed me to represent the safety profession in a positive light.

Juliette Travous, CIH, CSP, CHMM

Manager Environmental Services Department

Parkway School District

I am honored to have received the Terrance M. Hennessy Professional Education Grant in 2014. I want to thank the ASSE Foundation for the wonderful opportunity to be able to take the CSP Exam Prep Workshop and Math Review. With this opportunity I was able to pass the CSP exam. Although I have been in the Environmental Health and Safety area for quite some time, the additional knowledge I gained preparing for the CSP exam has helped me tremendously in my work every day.

Eric Sapp

Graduate Student, Safety Management

West Virginia University Industrial Hygiene-Professional Track
Montana Tech of the University of Montana

As a self-funded student, I am deeply appreciative of the support provided through the ASSE Foundation Parsons Corporation Scholarship for Safety & Health. This award has been a great blessing financially. And knowing that others are behind me, willing to help me achieve my goals has given me the encouragement I need to keep moving forward towards earning a Ph.D. in OS&H.

Jessica Richardson, MS, CSP

Safety Specialist, Expert

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

I won an ASSE Foundation scholarship to attend Safety 2007. I have a rewarding career in safety and my goal is to give back to the safety community. This summer, I will begin classes at Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Ph.D. in Safety Sciences so that I may continue to teach future safety leaders and help to solve complex health and safety problems in the workplace. When you give to the ASSE Foundation, the benefits to the safety profession are exponential.

Alexis Zecha

Occupational Health and Safety Applied Sciences

Keene State College, Class of 2017

I was extremely excited when I found out that I had received the UPS Scholarship, as well as funding to attend the Safety 2016 conference in Atlanta. Receiving this scholarship has helped me to continue my studies in Occupational Health and Safety Applied Sciences and gain valuable knowledge and connections within the profession. I appreciate everything that the ASSE Foundation has done for me and I look forward to helping the Foundation in any way that I can.

Vameng Vue


Oakland University Student, Class of 2017

I am honored to have received the UPS Diversity Scholarship for two consecutive years. These scholarships helped pay for my summer courses in 2015 and 2016 so that I could focus on my education with less financial burden. I believe ASSE will always be a part of my future and career. ASSE has given me many good opportunities to shine as a student and provide guidance in being a future leader. I hope to be able to give back to ASSE to help other students succeed in becoming safety professionals.

Kari Winkler, GSP

Global EHS Programs Coordinator

Elliott Group

As a 2014 attendee of the Future Safety Leaders Conference and a 2015 CNA Scholarship recipient, I feel incredibly fortunate to be involved with ASSE early on in my education. As a student, the conference motivated me to network and explore different areas of the field. The scholarship relieved some of the financial burden that often comes with higher education. The organization has been an outstanding resource and has helped me get where I am today; in a position that I am truly passionate about, continuing to learn and grow in all things safety.

Cindy Medford

Ph.D. Candidate, Safety Sciences

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

I was thrilled to receive the ASSE Foundation's Scott Sewing Memorial Scholarship (sponsored by Applications International Corporation) in 2016. ASSE has been an unfailing partner to me throughout my career, from networking with the best and brightest in the profession, to the Foundation scholarship providing the impetus to take the adventure of a lifetime in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Safety Sciences.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude.

Richard Haehn

Regional Safety Manager

Walsh Construction

I was very grateful and humbled to receive the Liberty Mutual Scholarship and the Gulf Coast Past President's Scholarship, which helped me finance my degree from Eastern Kentucky University, as well as attend the 2008 ASSE Conference in Las Vegas. Both the financial support of the ASSE Foundation and the opportunity to attend the professional development conference exposed me to the complexities within the occupational safety discipline and further encouraged my passions. Thank you for all your support! A donation to the ASSE Foundation is the best way to foster and encourage the up-and-coming talent in the world of safety and health professionals.

Lauren Kokx

Master of Public Health Industrial Hygiene

University of Michigan, Class of 2017

I was very honored to receive the Thomas W. Pollock Memorial Scholarship through the ASSE Foundation. This award helped support me in my pursuit of a Master's degree in Industrial Hygiene. Not only is the monetary support helpful, but the support of a network of safety and health professionals is even more impactful. Knowing that there is an industry of people supporting my educational pursuits is inspiring. I hope to give back to future students in a similar way some day.

Ceyda Onaran Kartal

Risk Management Specialist

University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

The scholarships I received from the Thompson Women in Safety and the ASSE Foundation provided me with the financial and emotional support I needed to show me that my studies were worthy of being supported, that I needed to keep going. As an international student, I did not have many scholarship/funding/grant options. Moreover, my spouse was a Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during that time. We commuted together to UW-Stout every week (a 3.5-hour trip each way) and I was pregnant during my last year. Thank you very much for being there for me.

Tyke Frazier

Risk Solutions Manager

Aix Group, a member of The Hanover Insurance Group

I can't thank the ASSE Foundation enough for the tremendous financial support it provided me and my family when I received the 2003 UPS Scholarship. The privilege of being able to add that to my resume set the stage for me being offered multiple full-time safety positions before I had officially graduated Keene State College in May 2004. A month later, I began my career in risk management. I also enjoy giving back to my community by serving on my local fire department as a nationally certified firefighter and EMT.

Sarmed Shareef, CIH, CSP

Unimin Corporation (A member of the Sibelco Group)

I was a junior in college when I received notification from ASSE that I was the recipient for the BCSP - Pat L. Clemens Professional Scholarship. At the time I was extremely stressed out, both mentally and financially. The ASSE scholarship gave me enough breathing room to keep going financially, and gave me the extra bit of confidence I needed mentally, to finish out my junior year with a 4.0 GPA.

Patricia Gaudet-Coutu, MS, CIH, CSP

Sr. Injury Prevention Worksite Wellness Consultant

AIM Mutual Insurance Co.

In 2001, I was honored to receive the UPS scholarship through the ASSE Foundation. Since graduating in 2001, my journey in the safety profession has been both challenging and rewarding. I currently consult clients providing injury prevention resources for their workplaces. I have been able to continue my education with a MS in industrial hygiene and obtain both a CSP and CIH designation. The support I have received from professional associations has greatly assisted in all these endeavors. I continue to pay it forward through mentoring those who are new to the profession and donating to scholarship funds which support the education of future safety professionals.

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